Get To Know Sabrina Lagden In 15 Questions

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Hi my name is Sabrina Lagden and I am a model based in Central London


1.When did you first realise you wanted to be a model?
I first realised I wanted to be a model from a fairly young age I have been wanting to be a model since I was a little girl

2.At what age did you first start modelling?
I got into modeling at the age of 14

3.What was your first big break and how did it arise?
My biggest break was rather recent it was being on the front cover of this month’s issue of demur magazine. And since I have been the cover girl I have started to get offered more photo shoots

4.What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
Being the cover girl of demur magazine it’s like my first ever proper feature of being in a glossy magazine, I even sometimes forgot that I am in a magazine as it feels so unreal but amazing at the same time.

5.How do you like to stay fit?
I like to go for spontaneous long walks around London and I also go to the gym on a regular basis

6.What’s your favourite food?
As bad as it sounds it has to be a cheeky nandos my favourite dish has to be the portobello and mushroom halloumi burger with a side of peri peri chips (don’t tell nobody I mentioned that it’s ok to have a cheat day once in a while)

7.Any advice for people wanting to start modelling?
Firstly be very careful as there are con artists, do your homework first before you consider getting into this industry also take good care of yourself!

8.What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
I was at a shoot recently and it was for a video and the director told me to approach these pigeons and chase after them it was probably the highlight of my modelling career so far

9.What’s song best describes you?
There are hundreds of songs that in a way describes me but I’d say I’d pick the song called “victorious” by the pop rock us band panic! at the disco because first of all its one of my favourite songs from their most recent album “death of a bachelor” and also this song just gets me pumped.

10.What would you be if you weren’t a model?
I’d be a blogger and an artist

11.Tell me something about you not many people know?
I used to study beauty therapy at one point in my life and wanted to become a beautician a little while ago.

12.What do you like doing in your free time?
In my free time I like to hang out with friends and also go for long spontaneous walks somewhere around London as the sun starts to set

13.What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
My afro

14.What was your nickname at school?
Sabrina the teenage witch (unfortunately)

15.What three things do you need to be successful in this industry?
First of all have a determined mind set, secondly if you ever want something that bad never give up and lastly never think about the negative turn it into a positive



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