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Hello!! I’m Xavier VanderBlue and I love modeling and acting! I’ve been in the industry for 4 years now and have been able to travel the world because of it. When I’m on the road I’m just like everyone else! I’m silly, enjoy a good laugh and love to get to know new people! I just recently released my own fragrance line and on pace for more amazing things for the near future!

2.At what age did you first start modelling?
I was 18 when I first began modelling.

3.What was your first big break and how did it arise?
My first big break was actually in acting. I was in a film called Round of your Life. Even though my role in the film was not major, it helped me gain an IMDB credit that people see anytime they google me. It helped with my confidence and helped me cement my belief that I belong in this industry.

4.What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement so far would be walking for New York Fashion Week! It was the first time that I auditioned in front of that many designers at once and was selected to walk for quite a few of them!

5.How do you like to stay fit?
I stay fit by staying in the gym 5 days a week and watching my diet very closely. While my cousins eat the pizza, I get to eat the protein shakes. Idk who made that rule but I guess I’ll keep following it.

6.What’s your favourite food?
Chicken all day everyday!
Fried chicken, grilled chicken, orange chicken, it doesn’t matter!

7.Any advice for people wanting to start modelling?
The best advice I can ever give is to never give up, and always do your research! There tons of people that are willing to help you, but there are a few that are looking to take advantage of you as well.

8.What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Omg.. so I had to be on set to finish a scene from a movie. I had to re dye my hair blue to make sure it matched what was previously recorded. Well during the process I didn’t wash all the bleach out and my hair ended up turning purple… I panicked so bad because I thought we would have to shoot the scene with me looking like fresh grapes.

9.What’s song best describes you?
Wale Ambition for sure! The people that believe in me do so because of my determination. As Wale said “they gone love me for my ambition.”
10.What would you be if you weren’t a model?

11.Tell me something about you not many people know?
Most people don’t know that most of my work was self made. Earlier on my career, photographers didn’t want to shoot with me because I’m not very tall. I had to learn the art of photography to keep putting out good work.

12.What do you like doing in your free time?
During my free time I love to just sit back, relax and hang out with my loved ones. It’s not to often that I have free time and I just want to be able to enjoy that time when it comes.

13.What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
My perseverance. I’ve been able to achieve a lot in the industry even with the chips heavily stacked against me. That or my blue hair. That’s pretty interesting too.

14.What was your nickname at school?
They used to call me X. When I was in school I used to Bowl! I used to be pretty good and whenever I would throw a strike I would hold up the X logo. It was pretty cool.

15.What three things do you need to be successful in this industry?
Passion, Dedication, and Perseverance. Without all three would be impossible to succeed. You have to love the process and not get to hard on yourself when you aren’t selected for an audition.

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