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Lucie-Anne is a 20 year old freelance model from the West Midlands. Having reached the Miss England Quarter Final for 2016 she has been fast tracked to the 2017’s Miss Birmingham final. Lucie-Anne has kindly agreed to take part in our “Get To Know” section and we were keen to find out more about her and if she had any advice for people looking to get started in the industry.

1.When did you first realise you wanted to be a model?
I think was I was in my early teens – I started to pay attention to appearance, celebs and models and thought Imagine if I could do that!

2.At what age did you first start modelling
My first modelling experience was being invited to London to create a portfolio with an ‘agency’! I dragged my mom and dad with me and it cost a LOT, I didn’t pursue it any further.

3.What was your first big break and how did it arise?
I can’t put down my first big break because all the projects I do are each their own and have their benefits for me and my career.

4.What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
My biggest achievement with modelling at the moment would probably be being fast tracked to the Miss Birmingham 2017 Final – I didn’t expect it at all. It has definitely boosted my confidence and will promote my work.

5.How do you like to stay fit?
I like to stay fit by doing what I can, when I can! I always eat clean… minus weekends (CHEAT WEEKEND) I do the simple things such as walking my dog across uphill terrain, lunge up the stairs etc. then work out at home when I have a moment!

6.What’s your favourite food?
My favourite food… isn’t really healthy it has to be an Indian Curry!

7.Any advice for people wanting to start modelling?
My advice would be, remain yourself. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything you aren’t comfortable with. Focus and work hard on your path!

8.What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Nothing particularly funny has happened to me lately! Although, me and my mom are always playing pranks on each other and having such a laugh at home with our dog.

9.What’s song best describes you?
That is such a hard question! I don’t have a song that fully relates to me that I have found, However I love The Weekend and I think everybody can relate to his songs in some way.

10.What would you be if you weren’t a model?
If I wasn’t a model, I would be working on my Social Care work with the elderly with dementia/Alzheimer’s. It’s very close to my heart.

11.Tell me something about you not many people know?
Many people may not know, I often suffered with bullying. It made me very low at times.

12.What do you like doing in your free time?
In my free time i love to just relax in bed or on the sofa watching film after film with sweets!

13.What do you think is the most interesting thing about you?
Most interesting thing about me…oh, I don’t know, Im just me!

14.What was your nickname at school?
My nicknames at school were never very nice to be honest.

15.What three things do you need to be successful in this industry?
Remain yourself, keep motivated, don’t give up.



Find Out More About Lucie Anne

Twitter: @lucieannefowkes
Instagram: LUCIE_ANNE_X

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