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Our Top Hacks For Doing Your Makeup On The Go

By Rachel Stevenson – 03 May 2017

So, you’re running late for work (story of our lives), or to meet the girls for brunch, or, just for life in general, and you haven’t done your makeup yet. Yep, a total nightmare; and one you absolutely have no time for.

Avoid being that girl on the train; smearing foundation on with hands that have 100% touched some unsanitary area. Instead, try one of these little tips to save you time and face (see what we did there?)


The most convenient of the transport-based beauty salons, an Uber journey is your friend in this dire situation. Without the peering eyes of fellow commuters (minus the nosy kind of driver who keeps side-eyeing you in the mirror), you’re free to wave brushes, lotions and powders around to your hearts content. (Well, if you don’t care that much about your rating). Here you have natural light on your side, so set up your stuff, facing towards the window. Make sure to fasten your seatbelt to avoid any major spills when you hit a pothole.

Pro tip—If you’ve forgotten a mirror you can totally use the Uber’s. Oh, and don’t forget about asking his opinion on your winged eyeliner. I mean, what’s a girl to do in the absence of actual mates?



So, you’re morning commute includes a bumpy ass bus ride. Not the most ideal of situations to do your makeup, but still, that’s what we’re here for. Firstly, make sure you nab the front seat (definitely the least bumpy in our humble opinion). Next, make sure to take advantage of the numerous stops. Clearly, doing your makeup whilst stationary is a bonus. So make the most of these and get your slap on whilst the bus is stopped.

Pro tip—The bus is friggen slow; it’s basically like doing your makeup at home. Minus the actual house, bathroom, mirror etc etc.



Also not a terrible option for makeup application, with its air con, you’re in a good spot. Pray that you don’t have to stand up (cos then you’ve got not chance), and find yourself a snug spot. Now, you’ve got about ten minutes til your stop, so speed is key. Basically, you’re best off with a quick slick of tinted moisturiser and some mascara (bronzer if you’re feeling super confident), and again, try to take advantage of the many stops.

Pro tip—Definitely the air con. No one stands a chance apply makeup, on the go AND in the heat.



Check you out; you get the ferry to work. Living the dream, aren’t ya? Ferry’s are pretty spacey and stable so go for the full whack here; eyeliner, concealer, the lot.

Pro tip—Take advantage of the bathrooms and set up a proper little beauty workstation.



Let’s not be silly, if you’re driving, clearly you can’t be putting your makeup on at the same time (unless you have a death wish!)

Pro tip—Get your housemate/boyfriend/colleague to drive you so you can relax in the passenger seat, obvs.

Need more hacks? Here’s some tips for a no-makeup makeup look.

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By Rachel Stevenson

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On – 02 May, 2017 By Rachel Stevenson

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