What is a Modelling Agency?

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Colleen from Infinity Management kindly agreed to provide a post detailing what to expect from a modelling agency and also what the agency is expecting from you. This great little article is of particular use to anyone new to the industry or thinking about taking their first steps toward being a professional model.

A modeling agency is a company that represents actors/actresses, fashion models and other industry related professionals who work in the fashion industry. They develop professional relationships to help find top quality work. Agencies earn their income by charging an agency fee along with commissions from clients requiring models. The top agencies work with big-budget advertising agencies and fashion designers.

Having an agent is essential for any potential models looking to get into the fashion industry. Model Agents and Model Managers are highly respected people who consistently develop and foster relationships. It is difficult for models to gain valuable portfolio work without having an agent but with a reputable agency behind the model, the outcome can be substantial.

Some advice to people entering the modelling world…

* Look for an agent who can properly represent you and the opportunities you wish to pursue in the fashion industry

* Be prepared to work for free, you must develop your portfolio in order for clients to want to hire you!

* Be professional and respectful at all times

* Always attend your events and be on time

* Educate yourself on how the industry works and what may be expected of you

* Be prepared that agencies may ask you to change your appearance – color/cut hair, wear more or less makeup, lose weight or gain weight, etc

* Some agencies may ask you to travel

* Be aware that there may be costs involved – headshots, training, resumes, comp cards, etc. Think of it as an investment in yourself!

* Make sure you have the time to dedicate to being a model – training, learning and development, keeping social media up to date, etc.

* The most awkward poses are the ones that make your photos stand out

* Be confident – if you believe you can do it, so will everyone else

* Be careful of things that seem too good to be true

* Always ask your Agent for assistance

* Present yourself as a model

* Take every opportunity as one to network and meet new people

* Always ask questions if you are unsure or need further clarification

* Be confident with saying no if you are uncomfortable in or about a situation

* Be open minded and willing to try – models who have diverse portfolios tend to be more successful


Some tips for being prepared for meetings and introducing yourself to an agency…

* You have 30 seconds to impress us, show your personality and that gorgeous smile!

* bring your portfolio with professional photos to the first meeting

* Wear tight fitted clothing of the same colour, preferably black, so we can see your body shape

* Be prepared to tell us about you and your experience in the fashion industry

* Tell us why you want to be a model and what you expect from an agency

* Know some background information on the company you are choosing to interview with and what their requirements are

* We love questions! Interview us as much as we interview you

* Show us that you can be a committed and trusted person

* Be prepared that agencies may ask to take photos of you or make you walk down a runway

* Remember that this is a business and when you contact a modeling agency you need to present yourself in a professional manner.

* Always be early for your meeting

* Take notes

* Not that we have to say it but we do, please turn your cell phone OFF!


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Submission by:

Colleen Shalley
Model Agent

Infinity Management
Saskatoon, SK Canada

Contact: colleen@infinitymanagement.ca
Phone: 1-306-227-1012
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infinitymanagementmodels/ & https://www.facebook.com/infinitymodelsregina/
Instagram: @infinitymanagement
Twitter: @infinitymanage3

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